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The Branch Craft Beer & Foodery
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From employee appreciation to promotions, retirement parties and the all important office holiday party, The Branch is the place to celebrate!

Need the perfect party venue for your next office celebration?  Look no further! The Branch has you covered. Whether you’re honoring a colleague’s well-deserved promotion, hosting a motivational team building dinner or just want to show appreciation for outstanding employees, We accommodate all types of corporate parties, no matter the size or budget!

One look at The Branch and you’ll understand how much we love to celebrate.  The Branch’s charming atmosphere, entertainment area and lovely patio will put you and your co-workers in a festive mood.

Our diverse group menu options are sure to please everyone in your party and we serve them family-style, which makes them perfect for sharing and sampling.  So, if you’re looking to create a successful team or celebrating the success of the team you’ve built, why not let the best pub in Spring Branch help make it even easier?  Contact us today and let’s get the party started!


Celebrate all of life’s joyous occasions with all of your friends and family at The Branch. When it’s time to par-tay, The Branch is the destination for groups and special events including birthdays, graduations, bridal & baby showers and reunions.  From our eclectic menu to our excellent craft beer selection and our charming décor, we provide the perfect setting for communions, anniversaries, birthdays, prom dinners, military gatherings and more. Our professional and engaging staff can help you create a memorable celebration and our food and atmosphere will be the stuff of new memories.

Group dining and bar packages are designed with every budget in mind, so call 832-623-6725 to talk to us today and we’ll be happy to assist you with all your entertainment needs.


Whether it’s a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner or Wedding Reception, The Branch will make it unforgettable!

Bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions are memorable events, so why not let The Branch help you make them unforgettable?  We’re a one-of-a-kind party venue with charming decor, an attentive and friendly staff, locally brewed craft brews and a delicious & eclectic menu.

The Branch offers a variety of group dining & bar packages and a menu featuring plenty of shareable items so everyone can share and sample our delicious food.  Whether you’re planning a wedding event dinner for a few close family members or your invitation list rivals Harry and Meghan’s, we can help you plan an unforgettable celebration.


The Branch gladly accepts reservations for parties with 20 or more guests. If you are interested in renting the entire restaurant, or have a greater number of guests than our maximum seating, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you. 

For large party reservations we do have a food and beverage minimum that must be met. This is a pre-tax minimum. However, all food and beverages purchased during the reservation will count towards the minimum. 

The menu must be predetermined. We require family style or buffet service for large parties. If you are interested in plated meals, we will be happy to discuss that with you. 

All beverages including soft drinks, iced tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages will be charged upon consumption unless they are included in your package. You can choose an open or cash bar. You may also choose to limit the dollar amount you would like to host for beverages or limit the type of beverages served at the event.

A 20% service charge will be added to all large party reservations. The service charge is based on the final food and beverage total. Additional gratuity is accepted.

If you choose to bring in outside dessert, we charge a fee of $1 per person. 

Buffet Menus are for a minimum of 25 guests and can be customized to fit your needs. Additional food, if needed, may be purchased during your event. Under no circumstances are any food items on a buffet allowed to be taken as “To-Go”.

All reservation inquiries must be made a minimum of seven days prior to your desired date. In order to secure your reservation we require a deposit equal to 50% of the minimum spend. This will be applied to your event on the day of. If the minimum is not met at the end of the reservation, the remaining balance will be added to the final bill. The deposit is fully refundable up until 7 days prior to your event. All menu items and guest count must be finalized 7 days prior to your reservation. Final billing is based upon the minimum guaranteed number stated on the contract or your actual guest attendance, which ever number is greater. If you do need to cancel between 72 and 24 hours of your reservation, you may apply your deposit to a rescheduled event at The Branch within 6 months of the original date. However, if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, your deposit will be forfeited. 

If any cleaning or repairs is deemed necessary beyond normal use the Guarantor will be charged an additional fee, determined by The Branch, to return the property to the same condition and working order as at the start of the event set-up.   

Final payment is required at the conclusion of the event. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or cash. We are unable to accept personal checks or company checks as final payment for events.

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