Can Spring Branch get any more awesome? These three think so.

Madeline Cabezut, Kyle Pierson & Amanda Mixon are opening a craft beer cafe on the former site of Otilia’s.

Kyle Pierson (Bar manager at The Hay Merchant), Madeline Cabezut (Owner Mexican Girl Foods, former Head of catering for Hay Merchant/Underbelly) and Amanda Mixon (former Spokesmodel for Miller/Coors and Lincoln Motor Co.) have partnered to open a new craft beer cafe in the heart of Spring Branch in early 2017.

They have leased the former Otilia’s Mexican Restaurant at 7710 Long Point and are currently working with Collaborative Projects on redesigning the space.

Spring Branch is booming right now and they are excited to be able to offer a locally owned cafe to serve the community. More details are coming soon. Follow them on social media for updates.




16 thoughts on “Can Spring Branch get any more awesome? These three think so.

  1. I loved Otilla’s and frequent Vieng Thai so would be happy if this happens! Good luck on this venture!!! Location is fine!

  2. Great location. We live in Spring Valley and go to Vieng Thai all the time and went to Otilla’s all the time when it was there. So excited good chefs are taking it over! Can’t wait!

  3. SOOOOOO excited that this is coming!!! We just bought a renovation project in Spring Branch Oaks (Longpoint and Campbell) a year ago and have been hoping the area would start turning around. I hope this is the first of many new restaurants/bars, retail locations to come! We will definitley be coming to check it out!

    1. We hope so too! I grew up in Spring Branch and I’m so very excited to bring something like this to my community. Look forward to sharing a drink with you on our patio!

  4. Yay! I am so looking forward to this. SB is in serious need of places that are non fast food/chain. Welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t wait to stop in.

    1. Thank you so much! We couldn’t agree with you more. As Spring Branch residents, we figured if we wanted a cool place to hang out in the neighborhood we should just open one ourselves.

  5. Good luck! In its prime, Otilia’s attracted diners from all over Houston – so, think big! Q. Will you fill growlers? That would be neat. We live in SV and it will be great to have The Branch in our backyard.

    1. Thank you. We’re gonna give it all we’ve got! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to fill growlers because we will be selling spirits.

  6. Fantastic news. As a native of the area I am so pleased to see its redevelopment. It makes me proud. Best of luck. Can’t wait until opening day.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m a native as well and I am happy to be able to do this in my community. Look forward to seeing you.

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